OSUG 2020

Observing for understanding and
forecasting Planet Earth and the Universe

LabEx OSUG@2020 is a project selected as part of the “laboratories of excellence” initiative funded by “investments for the future”, program launched by the French Government and implemented by the National Research Agency (ANR).

The main objectives of this project are to :
  • expand observing systems and better connect and process data collected for modeling purposes, in order to improve our understanding of natural systems and our ability to predict them ;
  • extend our shared expertise on environmental issues, including their impact on humans, and provide our expertise as a service in advising public policy ;
  • attract and train more students through innovative tools and programs, in order to further address strategic research priorities in urgent environmental issues, ecotechnologies, social sciences and health, etc.

To carry out its multidisciplinary mission over the period 2011-2021, LabEx OSUG@2020 will implement the following actions, for a total of 11 million euros :

  • Research and Observation : 6 million euros, of which 4 million will be invested in equipment ;
  • Training : 3 million euros, of which 2 million will be dedicated to young researchers and international exchange ;
  • Technology transfer, support to decision makers, outreach : approximately 1 million euros devoted in particular to issues of “risk and society” and entrepreneurship.
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