[Lecture] Nanosatellites for polar aurora studies


"ATISE "and "AMICal sat "are two Grenoble nanosatellites for the study of polar auroras. Nanosatellites are a new category of space instruments that varies between 1 to 50kg, they are mainly characterized by their small size but it is especially their standardization that makes them very interesting. These instruements have the property of consuming less energy compared to large spacecraft.

Mathieu Barthélémy is an astrophysicist at (IPAG / OSUG) he is also the head of CSUG, the Centre Spatial Universitaire de Grenoble - University Space Center of Grenoble. Conference organized by the astronomy club de la MJC Bulles d’Hères.

Practical information

► 29 mai 2018, 20h
► Maison de Quartier Gabriel Péri, Saint-Martin d’Hères
► Tél. : 04 38 37 14 68