Organization & committees

Structural organizational chart

Functional organization chart

The OSUG is made up of several entities that provide leadership to the organization :
- the OSUG Office, , consisting of the Director, the 3 Deputy Directors and the Administrative Director,
- the OSUG board, made up of elected and appointed members, is similar to the board of directors of the structure,,
- the OSUG Scientific Council, composed of appointed external members,
- the OSUG Management Committee, , composed of the OSUG office, the laboratories directors and associated research teams,
- - OSUG commissions, consisting of elected and appointed members.

The office leads the Joint Service Unit (UMS), which provides common services to laboratories and associated research teams.

Organization chart of the 832 Joint Service Unit

The Joint Service Unit (UMS) 832 brings together OSUG’s common services, which provide support functions for research, observation, training and knowledge dissemination missions.

Organization chart of the Joint Service Unit

Currently, 27 agents are assigned to the UMS, including :

  • 11 project-based staff (SOs) in member units (FAME line and IPAG, IGE, ISTerre laboratories) and 14 common service agents (IT, GIS, data center, data center, documentation, communication) and functions supports (financial management, human resources and training) ;
  • 22 permanent staff (including 17 CNRS agents, 4 UGA agents and 1 IRD agent) and 4 fixed-term contracts