Topographic generation of Poincaré waves

Titre : Topographic generation of Poincaré waves

Laboratoire de rattachement : LEGI

Encadrant : Achim WIRTH

Téléphone :

Mots clés : oean-atmosphere dynamics, waves, vortices.

Contexte et objectifs de la mission de stage :
In the dynamics of the ocean and atmosphere we distinguish between vortical
and wave motion. Both types of motion and their interaction play an
important role in the dynamics of the ocean, the atmosphere and the climate.
The generation of waves by vortical motion is not well understood.
The interaction with topography is supposed to play a major role.

The purpose of the internship is to study the wave generation
using a one-layer shallow-water model and the formalisme developped by
Lighthill and Ford.