Interaction entre le mouvement du sol et la vibration des structures pendant les attaques terroristes du World-Trade-Center

Titre : Interaction entre le mouvement du sol et la vibration des structures pendant les attaques terroristes du World-Trade-Center : application à la sismologie en milieu urbain. -
Interaction between ground and buildings motion during the WTC terrorism attack : application to the earthquake engineering.

Laboratoire de rattachement : ISTerre

Encadrant : Philippe GUEGUEN

Téléphone :

Mots clés : interaction site-ville, sismologie urbaine, risque sismique.

Contexte et objectifs de la mission de stage :

During the World Trade Center terrorism attack, several records done by the Lamont network have clearly shown seismic signals from the two aircraft impacts, up to distance 35 km far from WTC site. For the first time, the energy of the induced motion produced during the impact of the first tower has been evaluated as equivalent to those produced by an equivalent ML 0.9 earthquake located at the WTC site while the motion generated by the aircraft impact at the building top was roughly computed as 0.40m. This observation was previously done on specific experiments conducted by ISTerre and also simulated in centrifuge test. The main goal of this project is to explicitly simulate the WTC tower motion and its induced effect on ground produced by the aircraft shocks. The differences between the two towers will be analysed. The observed data will be interpreted thanks to the model and it will be compared to the motion produced by earthquake shaking. Once the tower model and the ground characteristics defined, we will compare the building motion generated by the aircraft impact to the seismic building motion and the effects of the building vibrations on the nearby ground motion during earthquake will be discussed.


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Prérequis : étudiant motivé avec une bonne capacité de travail et d’autonomie et de bonnes connaissances en traitement du signal. Traitement et programmation sous matlab.