Toward Full Waveform inversion using Galerkin method

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Toward Full Waveform inversion using Galerkin method

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Olivier Coutant en collaboration avec Anne Barnoud, Romain Brossier

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04 76 63 52 53 – olivier.coutant

The inversion of surface waves in volcanic areas suffers two major limitations : The propagation may be short compared to the wavelength and the topography can strongly affect the surface wave propagation. To overcome these limitations, we propose to use a Full Waveform Inversion strategy that will be adapted
to the configuration of noise correlation imaging. We propose to study different aspects of this strategy : optimisation of the topography meshing in order to limit the direct computational cost ; optimisation of the interpolation operator needed to reduce the size of the inverted model with respect to the forward model and how to insert this operator in the adjoint method scheme. We will use the test case of Guadeloupe island during this work.