Coupling social impacts and rainfall severity to measure flood risks in southeastern France and the Alps

Laboratoire(s) de rattachement : IGE

Encadrant : Juliette Blanchet

Co-encadrant : Isabelle Ruin

Niveau de formation & pré-requis : final year of Master’s degree in earth sciences with a strong background in
statistics and big data. Interest in both statistics and social sciences is required. Knowledge of the
“R” language ( is mandatory.

Mots-clés : flood hazard, social impacts, « high-impact » event, statistics

This internship aims at confronting the flood hazard with social impacts for a selection of events that occurred in mountainous areas of southeastern France since the 80s, in order to investigate the social and hydrometeorological circumstances determining the occurrence of a « high impact » event.

A database of social impact descriptors is currently being built at IGE, including the usual casualty and economic loss descriptors and also new ones of higher sensitivity, retrieved from the mass media, social media and crowdsourcing applications as well as official documentation (municipal, technical reports) related to heavy rainfall events.

A first step of the analysis will be to enrich this database with physical descriptors of heavy rainfall hazard for a selection of events in southeastern France. Assessing heavy rainfall hazard is complex because the rareness of an event (usual statistical quantification of a potential danger) varies with the time and space scales of integration of catchment basins. Therefore several descriptors of rainfall severity will be computed for each event, in order cope with the variety of space and time scales.

A second step will be to confront the social impact descriptors to the physical descriptors for the selected events, in order to investigate the statistical relationship between the space-time rainfall severity and the impact severity, both being multi-variate. The strength of this relationship will be explored with respect to the difference of exposure and social vulnerability of the territories of concern.

Pour candidater : Adresser un CV et une lettre de motivation par email avant le 1er décembre 2018 à l’adresse ci-dessous
juliette.blanchet and isabelle.ruin