Major projects

To successfully prepare the end of the OSUG @ 2020 and its continuation, the management has implemented in 2016 and 2017 a strategy of exceptional tenders to finance large-scale actions and a wave of theses. These exceptional shares represent an overall investment of approximately 2.5 M Euros.

Major research and observation projects

- AeroCARB

- MONTANE : Multi-trophic biodiversity and multi-functionality across Alpine Environments

- PrecipA2 : Contribution of radar remote sensing for the estimation of liquid and solid precipitation in the Alps and the Arctic : observation, variability, impacts

- RESOLVE : High-resolution imaging in subsurface geophysics : development of a multiinstrument platform for interdisciplinary research

- Vulnerability of groundwater and Titicaca lake in face of rapid urbanization and climate changes

Major equipment projects

- Innovative approaches for high-contrast spectro-imaging of next-generation exoplanets

- Atomic force microscopy to resolve key environmental questions

- Development of an ecological data acquisition platform with very high spatial resolution : embedded LiDAR under drone

- GEO-MEB : A scanning electron microscope for the characterization of terrestrial and extraterrestrial materials

- Line of analysis for molecular species in trace : purchase of LC-MS2

- PANDA : analytical platform Dedicated to Glacial Archives

- Acoustic system for the monitoring of terrestrial aquatic environments

- TomoCold : Study of snow microstructures by X-ray tomography in a cold room

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