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Etudier les Sciences de la Terre et de l’Environnement à Grenoble

par assistant com’ - 13 juin 2014

University Joseph Fourier is ranked in the Top 200 Best World Universities in the Shanghai Ranking and its Earth and Environnmental Sciences Labs (Observatory of Sciences of Universe in Grenoble) were ranked amongst the best in France – QS University ranking 2013-2014 : UJF Grenoble ranked n°1 French University in Environmental Sciences, n°2 French University in Earth and Marine Sciences.

General Masters programme : Most of the courses of the Master2 TS, Master 2 GER, Master 2 ECE and Master ES are taught in English. Please contact P. Huyghe for confirmation (pascale.huyghe |a| ujf-grenoble.fr)

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Practical information for foreign students (time-tables, practices in the French system…)

Welcome and thank you for choosing the Observatory of Sciences of Universe in Grenoble ! We hope that your stay in Grenoble will benefit you both for your study and personal experience. To have a pleasant and carefree stay in Grenoble (especially concerning the final official transcripts), please read and follow the following few points of advices :

How do courses work in France ?
A unit of courses (« module ») consists of 3 types of teaching : « Cours Magistraux » (CM) which is a lecture, « Travaux Dirigés » (TD) which are exercices and « Travaux Pratiques » which correspond to practical classes and experiences (TP).
When you register a module, it means that you are expected to assist at least Travaux Pratiques classes (compulsory teaching) and that you will be present at all the exams given in the module and write and return all the reports that are expected.

Case of field trips
Field trips are generally associated to theoretical courses that are necessary for the good understanding of the field work. It is therefore expected that you register and pass the exams of both the field trip and associated theoretical module.
Ex : module “field trip in Petrology/Volcanology” is associated to the theoretical module “Petrology”.

Definitive choice of modules
You must definitively choose and register for modules before the 30th of September for the first semester (autumn term), and before the 30th of January for the second semester (winter term). Your definitive programme (learning agreement) has to be signed by the departmental coordinator for foreign students, please leave it in room A108 (Phitem A building). You will get official transcripts only for the courses registered on this learning agreement.

Available here.
Choose the concerned semester (Phitem 1415)
Then clic on :
• Etudiants
• UE Unités d’enseignement : Master2 then M2R ECE / Maste1 then M1 STE / Licence then L3 Géosciences…
• Choose the week down on the screen

General information
• In case of pedagogic questions and/or problems, please contact :
Ms Pascale Huyghe, pascale.huyghe@ujf-grenoble.fr, 04 76 63 59 36.
• In case of administrative questions and/or problems, please contact :
Mr Zahir Boulaamayl, Zahir.Boulaamayl@ujf-grenole.fr, 04 76 51 48 23.

Have a nice stay in Grenoble !


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