Major actions

Major research, observation and equipment projects

To successfully prepare the end of the OSUG @ 2020 and its continuation, the management has implemented in 2016 and 2017 a strategy of exceptional tenders to finance large-scale actions and a wave of theses. These exceptional shares represent an overall investment of approximately 2.5 M Euros.

Major academic training projects

Construction of the "Campus de l’Environnement" educational platform for supporting up-to-date equipment to develop learning-by-doing programs for learners and students

Integrated Alpine Research System (IARS)

The IARS supports multi-disciplinary research and training with strong synergies between geophysical and environmental sciences, ecology, and social sciences to promote the participation in European Alpine space initiatives (Interreg, Alparray). OSUG@2020 financed research projects since 2014 and formation actions since 2011 with 370 k€. Further large-scale projects also contribute to the IARS.

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