Major academic training projects

Construction of the "Campus de l’Environnement" educational platform

► Supporting up-to-date equipment to develop learning-by-doing programs for learners and students

Laboratories/Teams of the LabEx OSUG@2020 involved : All
Project leader(s) : Multiple

OSUG@2020 supported the development of an educational platform called "Campus de l’Environnement" composed of a panel of up-to-date field equipment deployed on the UGA site (analytical platforms of OSUG laboratories, UFR equipment, ...) and corresponding to fields ranging from Earth Sciences & Environment to Astrophysics & Planetary Sciences. The goals were to improve, modernize and expand existing facilities, to provide (i) to the general public, access to practical training in these scientific fields, (ii) to BSc and MSc students, practical training of better quality and (iii) to PhD students, access to advanced experiments leading to high-level research.

Location of the equipment of the hydrology pedagogical platform on the campus of Saint Martin d’Hères

Crédits : Philippe Belleudy & Cédric Legout - Open the map in a new tab

Example of a CMP acquisition with 800 MHz antennas (a) to obtain a snow speed profile (b) and GPR acquisition example obtained with a 500 MHz shielded antenna (a) and a depth converted image (b). Courses given in the context of the M1 STE4242 program (Stage Lautaret, neige & Interface). © Stéphane Garambois & Emmanuel Le Meur

Interpretation of the seismic data by the StpE students (room ISTerre 124), under the supervision of Pascale Huyghe ©M. Dietrich
Visualization and detailed analysis of 3D seismic data blocks (three sections of the F3 block in the North Sea covering an area of 380 km2) ; OpendTect and Globe Claritas Softwares

This educational platform is used in the following teachings :

  • Hydrology, to measure and monitor large-scale floods,
  • Geophysics, for the acquisition of seismic and electromagnetic data,
  • Atmosphere, for the measurement of turbulence and atmospheric chemistry
  • Environment, for real-time monitoring of parameters as well as for the transmission and processing of advanced data.

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