Innovative approaches for high-contrast spectro-imaging of next-generation exoplanets abstract

Labex OSUG laboratories or/and Labex OSUG teams involved : IPAG (Exoplanète, CRISTAL)
Project leader : Alexis Carlotti


This R & D application focuses on two innovative concepts that will be needed for future high-contrast instruments, especially those fitted to the ELT for the purpose of characterizing terrestrial telluric planets inhabitable area with high- spectral resolution, such as the one around Prox b (! ). These two complementary concepts aim to :

  • the creation of high contrast via adaptive components (MOEMS) enabling to locally increase the planet’s SNR and then injecting its light into a fiber, while managing the changing and unfriendly operating conditions of the ELT,
  • access to a high spectral resolution via VIPA-type fiber spectrometers, versatile and optimized for the scientific case considered, resulting in a very compact, so easily transportable to be tested, and low cost.

Support (2017) : 155 000 €

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