Line of analysis for molecular species in trace : purchase of LC-MS2

Labex OSUG laboratories or/and Labex OSUG teams involved : IGE – Isterre – LECA – (IRSTEA)
Project leader : Jean-Luc Jaffrezo


This project concerns the purchase of a UPLC-MS / MS analytical chain and associated extraction devices, allowing the measurement of trace and ultra-trace (ng / kg) polar organic molecules. The type of molecules that can be analyzed include, for example, pesticides, drug residues, endocrine disruptors, and more generally what is called "new contaminants". The equipment will be located at the OSUG-B in the premises of the analytical platform Sol - Eau - Air. This plateau is supervised by L Jullien (IE Bap B UGA), specialist in mass spectrometry. The requested material allows the development of many types of chemical analyzes on samples from different environments (air, water, soil, plants, ...) and its acquisition will have an immediate transformative effect on the projects that could propose the researchers of OSUG in these areas. Great interest is already expressed by staff from IGE, ISTerre, LECA, and IRSTEA.

Support (2017) : 300 500 €

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