Acoustic system for the monitoring of terrestrial aquatic environments

Labex OSUG laboratories or/and Labex OSUG teams involved : GIPSA-Lab - équipe SigmaPhy
Project leader : Gabriel VASILE


The project involves the acquisition and development of new tools which allow the measurement of various materials transiting a terrestrial aquatic system (rivers). This research is motivated by the study of ecological continuity in watercourses, which is now legislated in the European Framework Directive (ECD) and the Water Law. Observation tools currently developed at OSUG use acoustic measurements (sound and ultra-sound), both in passive mode (listening to ambient noise generated in the environment) and in active mode (emission of an acoustic wave allowing to explore the environment). Ultrasonic waves are used for the observation of reduced-size environments (channels, streams), while sound waves are employed for the exploration of larger systems (large and medium rivers).

Support (2017) : 77 500 €

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