GEO-MEB : a scanning electron microscope for the characterization of terrestrial and extraterrestrial materials

Labex OSUG laboratories or/and Labex OSUG teams involved : ISTERRE - IPAG
Project leader : Fabrice BRUNET


Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) is the most common technique for solid imaging at the sub-micron scale. Coupled with ancillary detectors (EDS, cathodo-luminescence), the scanning electron microscope becomes a complete instrument of characterization, fast and easy to use. At OSUG, electron microscopy is integrated into a characterization platform
(imaging & analysis) of geo-materials managed by experienced engineers (electron microprobe, quantitative X-ray diffraction and micro-fluorescence) and localized at ISterre. Since their acquisition, these instruments (and our know-how) are made available to academic or industrial users in support of research. With this project, we propose to replace an end-of-life microscope with a modern version, adapted to the needs of users, complementary and not competing with the equipment already available in neighboring laboratories.

Support (2017) : 200 000 €