PANDA : analytical platform Dedicated to Glacial Archives

Labex OSUG laboratories or/and Labex OSUG teams involved : IGE (équipe iCecube)
Project leader : Joël SAVARINO


PANDA is an ice core analysis platform. It allows continuous and/or discrete analysis of ice melt water samples. It is based on three modules covering isotopic analysis of nitrogen and sulphur (ISOTOPIC module), the chemical composition of air trapped in ice (GAS module) and the chemical composition of meltwater (CHEMISTRY module). The modules are independent of each other, making it possible to adapt resources as closely as possible to the needs of researchers. This platform aims to support major national and international climate and environmental research programmes.
The platform is accessible to all researchers belonging to the national "ice core" community, i.e. mainly from the IGE, LSCE (Saclay) and CEREGE (Aix en Provence) laboratories. International collaborations are welcome as long as they involve collaboration with a national actor.
PANDA can also meet the needs for air and water quality analyses (lakes, rivers, groundwater, wells, aerosols, etc.).

Support (2017) : 77 500 €