PrecipA2 : Contribution of radar remote sensing for the estimation of liquid and solid precipitation in the Alps and the Arctic : observation, variability, impact

Labex OSUG laboratories or/and Labex OSUG teams involved : IGE
Project leader : Guy DELRIEU


PrecipA2 aims to improve the estimation of liquid and solid precipitation in the Alps and the Arctic. We will focus on two well-instrumented mesoscale sites : the Grenoble Valley and Ny-Alesund on the Svalbard Archipelago. First, we will improve and evaluate our capacity to observe atmospheric precipitation and snowpack with a synergy of in-situ sensors and radar remote sensing in these two contrasting climatic contexts. We will then focus on characterizing the spatial and temporal variability of precipitation and snow cover, which is marked by various factors such as rapidly changing climatic conditions in the context of Arctic amplification and / or seasonality and complex topography. These studies open the door to numerous collaborations at the local (OSUG), national (Meteo-France, GIS weather radar of the INSU) and international (Svalbard Science Forum Atmosphere Flagship, Science Team of the project GPM of NASA) on precipitation impacts in terms of hydrometeorological risk in the high mountains, climate and atmospheric chemistry in the polar regions.

Support (2017) : 110 000 €

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