Labex OSUG laboratories or/and Labex OSUG teams involved : IPAG, IRSTEA, IGE, LECA
Project leader : Etienne le COARER


This project consists of realizing a less than 1kg spectro-imager specialized in the measurement of CH4 preparatory to the NanoCarb-21 mission which would be a fleet of 21 nanosatellites to monitor greenhouse gases (GHG) by reproducing the performances of MicroCarb. These 21 satellites, each weighing less than 20kgs, would provide for the first time the ability to make a complete daily map of the main GHGs on the Earth’s surface. The project presented is to quickly make a portable proof of concept to visualize and measure methane in the environment at high and low spectral resolution. These two prototypes can provide a variety of services for the observational sciences and would allow OSUG laboratories to conduct tests in natural environments.

Support (2017) : 70 000 €

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