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Studying Earth and Environmental Sciences in Grenoble

Second best university and sixth best higher education institution in France, UGA is also placed 206th world-wide. These rankings reflect the UGA’s commitment to excellence, which also recently won its prestigious national funding in the form of France’s IDEX (excellence initiative) award. In March 2016, QS also placed the Grenoble site in the top 100 in the specific disciplines Earth and Marine Science (UGA is 46th). Grenoble is also ranked first in the ranking of student cities 2016-2017 (Journal "l’étudiant").
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International courses
  • Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology
  • Environmental Fluid Mechanics

Most courses of the Master2 are taught in English (parcours atmosphère climat et surfaces continentales, géophysique, géodynamique et DynaMo).
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Combining the conveniences of a mid-sized city with an extraordinary mountain setting, Grenoble offers culture, nightlife, sports, and more. Grenoble is also a hub of innovation, employing thousands of people in research, technology, and international business.

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