Ecology & Environment


RI AnaEE-France

(Analysis and Experimentation on Ecosystems - France)
is a national research infrastructure for the study of continental ecosystems and their biodiversity. AnaEE France fits naturally into the project AnaEE Europe, registered on the roadmap of ESFRI.

- The Station Alpine Joseph Fourier : study of alpine ecosystems


Anaee RI

AnaEE will be a research infrastructure for experimental manipulations of managed and unmanaged terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.


The ZAs are organized as a national network, the ZA network. It allows to study, on scales of time and space often nested and in different territories, the complex relationships between human activities and the functioning of ecosystems. The ZA network is a member of eLTER for Europe and of iLTER for the international.

- Zone Atelier Alpes


The European research infrastructure eLTER, dedicated to the study of ecosystems and the environment, was included in the ESFRI roadmap in 2018. The French Research Infrastructures OZCAR and RZA are involved.

Crédit bandeau : Janez Volmajer/Shutterstock