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Winter school on "Multi scale approaches and multiphysics couplings in fluid and solid mechanics »

20th to 24th January 2020 // Grenoble

The aim of this winter school is to make an overview of the different approaches, numerical and experimental techniques allowing to tackle this complexity.
ll the courses will be illustrated through various up-to-date examples. Two entire days will be dedicated to practical excercises on « high tech demonstrators » based on the most recent techniques and methods developed by partner laboratories of Tec 21.
The last day will be dedicated to the particular question of waves in fluids and (...)

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6th Snow Science Winter School 2020

16-22 February 2020, Col du Lautaret, France

The 6th Snow Science Winter School will teach these modern techniques of snow measurements. The school consists of a field training complemented by theoretical lessons. It includes the practice with some of the state-of-the-art snow measurement techniques (specific surface area by reflection and spectroscopy, near-infrared photography, high-resolution penetrometry, micro-tomography, etc). Students will learn about how to characterize snow cover, what are the fundamental processes (...)

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The physics and chemistry of the interstellar medium

september 2 to 6, 2019

Celebrating the first 40 years of Alexander tielen’s contribution to science. Xander Tielens has been driving research in the fields of interstellar physics and chemistry and the cosmic cycle of matter with outstanding contributions for 40 years. With this meeting, we wish to celebrate his scientific achievements and discuss future research directions opened up by his contributions.
The meeting will focus on the fields strongly influenced by Xander involving the physical and chemical (...)

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Grenoble NewSpace week

may 14 to 17, 2019

The Grenoble University Space Center (CSUG) organizes scientific and industrial workshops during the Grenoble NewSpace Week from 14 until 17 May 2019.
This workshop focuses on advanced payloads, subsystem designs, their standardization, and supporting technology like data management, data analysis, and artificial intelligence that together make highly ambitious NewSpace missions possible in different fields like: Earth observation, climate studies, space weather, or exobiology.
As such it (...)

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Avalanche dynamics and precursors of catastrophic events

february 3 to 8, 2019

In nature as well as in many technical applications, one encounters the sometimes problematic phenomenon of intermittent dynamics, associated to avalanches, that are complex geometrical objects on scales that can span many orders of magnitude. This workshop aims at bringing together experts from various different fields to develop further the understanding of the nonlinear spatio-temporal response of avalanche systems and to find ways to define precursors that could help to prevent (...)

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Summer school of mountains and men in a changing world

june 17 - june 28, 2019

Because of its strategic alpine position, the Université Grenoble Alpes is a major international research center in Mountain studies. Combining methods and knowledge from the sciences, the humanities, and social sciences, Of Mountains and Men welcomes undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines seeking novel, interdisciplinary approaches to complex questions with a series of field trips and coursework.
The OSUG @ 2020 labex is a partner of this event. Web page of this (...)

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Observatories of the critical zone in Africa: current issues and findings - 30th anniversary of AMMA-CATCH observatory

November 12 to 14, 2018

The AMMA-CATCH observatory invites you to an international conference on the occasion of its 30th anniversary. The expected participants are researchers, teacher-researchers, doctoral students and decision-makers.
Global changes are taking place on our planet. They concern the critical zone of the earth system, and occur at different scales. Their impacts on the energy and water cycles are already detectable, but how will these changes persist in the future and at which rate?
Three (...)

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Seminar "Testing General Relativity with Infrared Interferometry in the Center of the Milky Way"

September 20, 2018

Speaker: Reinhard Genzel (MPE Garching & UC Berkeley)
The Center of our Galaxy is a unique laboratory for exploring the astrophysics around a massive black hole and testing General Relativity and other theoretical concepts in this extreme environment. I will discuss the results of a major campaign of observing the Galactic Center in 2017/2108 with three instruments at the European Southern Observatory’s VLT, including the novel GRAVITY interferometric beam combiner of the 4 UTs. During (...)

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Workshop "Nanomaterial Microscopy & Microanalysis : Tools and Preparation"

17 - 19 september 2018

To be given by : Dr Donovan N. Leonard, Electron Microscopy Group - Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA Dates : 17-19 September 2018 Location : ISTerre, Amphithéâtre Kilian, Maison des Géosciences, St. Martin d’Hères (F-38400) Local contact: Roland Hellmann, ISTerre, roland.hellmann
No registration fee, but please contact R. Hellmann if interested in attending
Short Course Program
► Day 1 Monday 17 September
10:00 - 10:15 Introductions, Course Overview, Student (...)

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19th wegener general assembly

10 - 13 septembre 2018

on earth deformation & the study of earthquakes using geodesy and geodynamics

Wegener is sub-commission 3.5 of the International Association of Geodesy : Tectonics and Earthquake Geodesy

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