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Observatories of the critical zone in Africa: current issues and findings - 30th anniversary of AMMA-CATCH observatory

November 12 to 14, 2018

The AMMA-CATCH observatory invites you to an international conference on the occasion of its 30th anniversary. The expected participants are researchers, teacher-researchers, doctoral students and decision-makers.
Global changes are taking place on our planet. They concern the critical zone of the earth system, and occur at different scales. Their impacts on the energy and water cycles are already detectable, but how will these changes persist in the future and at which rate?
Three (...)

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Seminar "Testing General Relativity with Infrared Interferometry in the Center of the Milky Way"

September 20, 2018

Speaker: Reinhard Genzel (MPE Garching & UC Berkeley)
The Center of our Galaxy is a unique laboratory for exploring the astrophysics around a massive black hole and testing General Relativity and other theoretical concepts in this extreme environment. I will discuss the results of a major campaign of observing the Galactic Center in 2017/2108 with three instruments at the European Southern Observatory’s VLT, including the novel GRAVITY interferometric beam combiner of the 4 UTs. During (...)

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Workshop "Nanomaterial Microscopy & Microanalysis : Tools and Preparation"

17 - 19 september 2018

To be given by : Dr Donovan N. Leonard, Electron Microscopy Group - Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA Dates : 17-19 September 2018 Location : ISTerre, Amphithéâtre Kilian, Maison des Géosciences, St. Martin d’Hères (F-38400) Local contact: Roland Hellmann, ISTerre, roland.hellmann
No registration fee, but please contact R. Hellmann if interested in attending
Short Course Program
► Day 1 Monday 17 September
10:00 - 10:15 Introductions, Course Overview, Student (...)

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19th wegener general assembly

10 - 13 septembre 2018

on earth deformation & the study of earthquakes using geodesy and geodynamics

Wegener is sub-commission 3.5 of the International Association of Geodesy : Tectonics and Earthquake Geodesy

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AFM Workshop at Grenoble University

September 5-6

A two-day workshop on different uses of Atomic Force Microscopy (such as the one recently acquired at ISTerre) is being organized by Oxford Instruments at the Amphi Killian on September 5 and 6th. Presenters will include AFM users from different disciplines from the Grenoble campus.

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Demi-journée thématique de l’atelier Géochimie

29 Mai 2018

Cette demi-journée s’articulera autour de deux temps forts, un séminaire de Christine Baduel (IGE) sur les stratégies analytiques pour les contaminants émergents, suivi de discussions autour de l’affichage des moyens analytiques de l’atelier géochimie de l’OSUG.

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1st workshop of the International Medical Geology Association

29 - 30 mars 2018


Un nouveau domaine scientifique est en train d’émerger, où les méthodologies développées dans les Sciences de la Terre sont appliquées à la Médecine. Des méthodes de minéralogie, géochimie et spectro-microscopie sont par exemple appliquées à l’étude de questions médicales variées.

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Demi-journée thématique de l’atelier Géochimie

9 février 2018

Cette demi-journée sera consacrée à la présentation de quelques nouveaux appareils acquis à l’OSUG en géochimie et sera suivi de discussions autour de la visibilité des moyens techniques et la lettre de mission de l’atelier géochimie.

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