Himalayan-Karakorum-Tibet Workshop | 9-12 May

Sponsored by LabEx OSUG@2020, HKT 2016 will be held at the Paul-Langevin Centre in Aussois, France from May 9-12, 2016. This meeting will be focused on four broad themes, encompassing more detailed topics. The first two themes : the structure and geodynamics of the HKT region and earth surface processes come together in the third theme where we discuss the interactions between surface processes and deep earth processes. Finally we have some time devoted to hazards and resources in the HKT region. Prior to the workshop, a 3-day field trip in the French Alps will be offered.

The aim of the conference is to bring together international geoscientists working on the Himalaya-Karakoram-Tibet orogen, to exchange ideas and discuss important aspects of the latest research of the largest orogenic belt on the planet.

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