ISI 2016, Nantes | 3-6 octobre

8th International Symposium on Isotopomers
A noter Dans le cadre du Labex OSUG@2020, une bourse est accordée pour faire participer un(e) étudiant(e) de l’OSUG à ISI2016. Tout(e) étudiant(e) souhaitant participer via ce financement à ce symposium est prié(e) de se mettre contact avec Joel Savarino.

Isotopomers — molecules containing different isotope distribution patterns — provide researchers with a tool to study numerous physical and biological processes. Their intrinsic properties have been exploited to gain insight into a wide range of fields, including tracing material cycles in the solar system, in planetology, the atmosphere, oceans, terrestrial environment, the biosphere, and metabolism.
This Symposium will bring together scientists working on one or more aspects of isotopomer research to look into the latest scientific achievements in the observation, technical development, theory and exploitation of isotopomers.

Plus d’informations sur le site dédié au colloque.