General objectives

Drones occupy an increasingly strategic place in geosciences and can respond to a great diversity of missions by boarding very varied payloads: APN, lidar, optical sensors, weather sensors, sampling systems ... They give access to difficult approach areas and provide a view from the sky conducive to the spatialization of measurements and the confrontation with satellite measurements.
The originality of this workshop on drones stems from the specificity of our fields of study within the OSUG: mountains, high latitudes, altitudes, extreme conditions.
This workshop builds on the richness of the OSUG territory:

  • a broad scientific and technical expertise within laboratories: drones, sensors, imaging, data processing and storage, photogrammetry, GIS ...
  • already operational initiatives (IRSTEA’s Grenoble drone platform), or projects under development (polar drone at IGE, miniaturization of spectro imager at IPAG ...)
  • strong private sector regional capacities for subcontracting / buying / maintaining drones.
Objectives of this workshop :
  • pool the various experiences,
  • develop specific expertise on use in regions with strong environmental constraints,
  • set up unifying projects at the OSUG level,
  • skills transfers and collaborations
  • to the private sector: development of sensors, expertise on flight zones, FUI project
  • to the public: alerts, followed by risk zones, ad hoc actions towards public policies ...
Education opportunities:
  • links with local teaching projects according to needs (eg M2GEOSPHERE)
  • drone parks including an existing project at COMUE (DROP Lyon-Grenoble)
  • outsourced training ... or internal OSUG (summer schools format)

Workshop activities

The drone workshop will meet about 4 times a year (to be modulated according to the participants) and the set up of one or more unifying projects will be the thread of the interactions between the members of the workshop.
The companies of the region will be asked to come to expose their know-how, materials, services etc ...
News, organization and monitoring of drone-related projects will be communicated via the osug-atelier-drone univ-grenoble-alpes.fr list. Anyone interested in following the activities of the workshop can freely register on the list by following this link.


Laurent Arnaud (IGE), Laurent Borgniet (Irstea Grenoble) and Laurence Audin (ISTerre)