General objectives

Erosion, viewed as the ensemble of physical surface processes inducing a transfer of solid material at the Earth surface, represents a research topic of interest to several scientific communities involved in the OSUG (geology, geomorphology, hydrology, glaciology, fluid mechanics). Research works from these communities bring insights to several societal issues, like the prevention against natural hazards, the preservation and restoration of ecosystems, the water quality, or the sustainable management of natural resources such as soils. When these works are considering long timescales, they offer a better understanding of the formation of mountain ranges, as well as the improvement of paleo-environmental reconstitutions based on natural archives. The aim of the workshop is to gather researchers working on erosion at the OSUG, and notably to promote exchanges between long and short timescales erosion experts.

Workshop activities

Activities of the workshop concern the organization of exchange meetings, the construction of collaborative projects, and the organization of thematic sessions during conferences. Several exchanges also occur in the framework of different scientific networks (IR OZCAR, ZABR).


Cédric Legoût (IGE), Frédéric Liébault (Irstea ETNA), Jean-Louis Mugnier (ISTerre)