General objectives

The Geochemistry Workshop is a part of the OSUG cross-cutting workshops, under the leadership of the Associate Deputy Director of Research. The Geochemistry workshop is composed of animators, whose specialties cover different horizons, both scientific and technical in Geochemistry, and this in several laboratories of the OSUG. The workshop aims at the scientific animation around the research carried out in Geochemistry and its technical means. Its actions are intended to promote a better knowledge of research conducted at the OSUG in Geochemistry and available techniques or developments or technical innovations associated. It encourages a process of pooling inter-laboratory tools.

Workshop activities

Calls for projects launched each year in September by the OSUG research commission (10-15k €), call upon an opinion of the Geochemistry workshop to establish priority axes of projects submitted by its members.

Anyone interested in following the activities of the workshop can register freely on the list osug-atelier-geochimie by following this link

Référents du groupe

  • Cindy Arnoldi (AI UGA, LECA) : Chemistry applied to plants / soil / water, Environmental Analysis and Molecular Ecology platform
  • Céline Duwig (CR IRD, IGE) : soils and waters Geochemistry
  • Alexander Van Driescche (CR CNRS, ISTerre) : nucleation and growth of crystals
  • Joel Savarino (DR CNRS, IGE) : isotopes, atmosphere
  • Delphine Tisserand (IR CNRS, ISTerre) : metal / metalloid speciation, Analytical Chemistry platform
  • Véronique Vuitton (CR CNRS, IPAG) : Planetology, atmosphere

Technical equipment

Liste instruments Geochimie OSUG [FR]