General objectives

The OSUG - and more broadly, the Grenoble site - brings together researchers who study risks in various ways, whether through a social, physical, naturalistic or even operational approach. Multidisciplinary collaborations exist but could be expanded. Furthermore, research projects sometimes face difficulties in transferring their results to civil society.
In this context and based on original methods and partnerships, the Risks workshop aims to :

  • identify possible collaborations within the OSUG and the future UGA through a better knowledge of reciprocal skills;
  • foster dialogue between researchers interested by risks topic;
  • prepare responses to multi-disciplinary tendering and feedback to civil society;
  • develop more links within the trainings.

Workshop activities

Anyone interested in following the activities of the workshop can register freely on the list osug-atelier-geochimie univ-grenoble-alpes.fr by following this link.


Elise Beck (PACTE-GRCC), Cécile Cornou (ISTerre), Didier Richard (Irstea Grenoble)