Regional climates

General objectives

One of the great challenges of climate science is its study at "regional" spatial scales. Civil society and policymakers rightly call for a precise regional assessment of the impacts of climate change. Consequently, the regionalization of climate aims to produce - on the basis of large-scale climate models - meteorological scenarios at relevant time and space scales, for example for the simulation of behavior, especially hydrosystems which one wants to be able to estimate the future evolution. The regionalization of the climate is at the beginning of any integrated study aimed at characterizing the impact of climate change on the cryosphere, the hydrological risks, the water resource and associated resources. At OSUG, research in regionalization of climate and regional climates is aimed at developing and improving statistical and dynamic tools and methods of disaggregation.

Workshop activities

In accordance to its objectives, the activities of the cross-cutting axis "Regional Climates" are essentially the organization, at irregular intervals, of thematic meetings associated with seminars on research topics related to climate regionalization, climate change on a regional scale, etc.

Anyone interested in following the activities of the workshop can register freely on the list osug-atelier-modclimreg by following this link.


Vincent Favier (IGE) and Benoît Hingray (IGE).