Observation evenings, in winter

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Come observe the sky with a 400 mm telescope and try to break through his secrets with the help of a scientist from the Institute of Planetology and Astrophysics of Grenoble (IPAG/ OSUG) !

Session program

Led by members of IPAG, these sessions allow you to discover astronomical observation on the ground and to meet specialists (astronomers, young researchers, engineers ...) who will also talk with pleasure about their job and course.

If the sky is clear, the dome will open on the most beautiful objects of the winter sky : galaxies, nebulae, clusters, even planets, comets ...


In case of cloudy skies, the session is maintained ; the speaker will propose you other activities : visit of the dome and discovery of the telescope, multimedia projection commented to illustrate the celestial phenomena and present the works of research in progress (according to the specialty of your animator : instrumentation, planetology, astrochemistry / biology...).

Practical information

- Free nights, on registration via the form below

- For everyone from 7 years old

- Dates : the tuesday nights from January to March each year [2]

- Duration : from 2 to 3h (from 19h) and can last until 22h, depending on the sky and the astronomical events of the moment, the dynamics of the group, etc.

- Place : Saint Martin d’Hères (agglomeration of Grenoble), university area, building OSUG-A, 414 rue de la piscine plan [3] !

- Gauge : 20 people. max per session (limited capacity of the cupola).

- Equipment : provide warm clothes.

- Accessibility : no elevator service in the cupola [4]

[1WARNING, we invite you to make sure to send your form !
• This mailing is confirmed by this message "Your form has been registered, you will receive an email confirming or canceling this pre-registration." Which is displayed instead of the form.
• Otherwise, if the form remains, an error message should appear (unfortunately too discreet) above the form : "There are errors in the fields below, please check your shipment.". Re-submit fields marked (incomplete and / or invalid) after correction.

[2The telescope is a teaching instrument also used in teaching (university courses), these evenings are renewed annually, as far as possible, depending in particular maintenance of the telescope, the good coincidence with the university labs, the pool of human forces, etc. Thank you for your understanding.

[3Rendez-vous : in front of the main entrance of the building . The facilitator will open you at the indicated time (19h). Punctuality needed [[Once the animation started, latecomers are likely to find closed doors (no bell). For security reasons, we will refuse any unregistered person.

[4The narrowness of the dome does not equip it to accommodate people with reduced mobility. We apologize