Joint service units

La station alpine joseph fourier
Joseph Fourier Alpine Station

Joseph Fourier Alpine Station is a joint service unit of The Université Grenoble Alpes & CNRS.

The platform installed at “Col du Lautaret” at 2100m consists in :

  • the chalet-laboratory equipped for ecological, ecophysiological, and biochemical analyses ;
  • an area for controlled experiments on alpine plants ;
  • experimental plots where climate and ecosystem parameters are measured ;
  • a superb and well-attended botanic garden open to the public.

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L’UMS 832, administration et services communs de l’OSUG
UMS 832, OSUG administration & common services

The OSUG joint service unit (UMS832) is the tool that permits the actual implementation of the strategy defined by its reference organizations and institutions, who attribute funds and staff to the UMS. It assists the Direction in applying the decisions of the OSUG Council.
The OSUG UMS hosts 27 staff today, mostly in charge of running the common services offered to all members of OSUG : highperformance computing, distributed informatics, data centre and GIS, scientific information, communication, and geologic collections. Funds of the UMS are also distributed to the “Observation systems, national instrument FAME (ESRF beamline), and transversal research activities. Staff of the UMS is also in charge of building indicators and reporting on the activity of all members of OSUG, as requested by the OSUG Councils.

Common services
- Administration and financial support
- Human ressources
- Communication
- Distributed informatics
Scientific support
- Highperformance computing
- Geographic Information System
- Scientific and technical information & documentation
- Geologic collections
- FAME Team support
- Data centre

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