Assisting in International Nannoplankton Association Summer School

Laboratoire(s)/équipe(s) du LabEx OSUG impliqué(e.s) : ISTerre
Porteur du projet : Majd HOMAIDAN SHMEIT


Request for a financial support to participate in a 5-day summer school organized by the INA (International Nannoplankton Association) at Lyon (France), during which intensive lectures and lab sessions will be presented by expert researchers from different countries. The thematic of the summer school confines the evolution and taxonomy of calcareous nannofossils during different geological ages and their use in biostratigraphy, palaeoceanographic reconstructions and the statistical treatment of data. The aforementioned specialties are essential in my PhD subject entitled “Role of continental runoff versus upwelling in the triggering of the Weissert Event oceanic crisis ( 137 My) : micropaleontological and isotopic data”. Therefore, this participation will ameliorate my skills in identifying nannofossils, interpreting data, examining different case studies and having a broader view on comprehending biostratigraphy and paleoceanography.

Soutien attribué en 2018 : 250 €