Formation de 15 jours à l’Université de la Corogne en modélisation hydrosédimentaire sur la plateforme Iber

Laboratoire(s)/équipe(s) du LabEx OSUG impliqué(e.s) : IGE
Porteur du projet : Magdalena UBER


I envisage a 2-week stay at Universidade da Coruña, Spain, to learn the application of a powerful modelisation tool, the 2D distributed hydrodynamic model Iber, which I will use during my thesis to simulate soil erosion and suspended sediment transport. It will allow me to complete the sequence of on-line courses I follow since december on that model as well as applying the methodological skills I am acquiring in a course on development environments offered by the Collège Doctoral. The intensive training in Spain will build onto these foundations and will help me to deepen my knowledge of the model application. Furthermore, I will build international contacts in the models user community and the field of hydrosedimentary modelling which will be important for my career after finishing my thesis.

Soutien attribué en 2017 : 1 000 €