DRAKKAR 2015 Annual Workshop

27-29 janvier 2015, Grenoble

Laboratoire(s)/équipe(s) du LabEx OSUG impliqué(e.s) : LGGE
Porteur du Projet : Bernard Barnier (LGGE)

The objective of the DRAKKAR 2015 Workshop is to review the scientific and technical progresses achieved with the DRAKKAR hierarchy of ocean model configurations, identify strengths and weaknesses of these models, and discuss key model improvements and new developments that are needed for the future. The workshop is open to contributed talks from participants, but high priority is given to discussions. Speakers are encouraged to present their most recent results or ongoing research. Candid presentations of "things that do not work" in the numerical simulations are welcomed, because they foster interesting discussions and contribute to the progress of the modelling community. The Agenda of the previous DRAKKAR workshop is available online.

Soutien attribué : 3 000 € en 2014

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