Summer Astrochemical School : « ASTROCHEMISTRY : FROM SPACE TO EARTH »

29 août au 9 septembre 2016

Porteur du projet : Cecilia Ceccarelli


We ask for the co-funding of the international Summer School on “Astrochemistry : from Space to Earth” to be held at OSUG-IPAG from the 29 August to the 9 September 2016.
This is the first international astrochemistry school organized by IPAG and the first ever fully interdisciplinary school covering all aspects involved in astrochemistry : astrophysical observations and modeling, theoretical classical and quantum chemistry in the gas phase and on the solid state, laboratory experiments of gas phase and solid state chemistry, spectroscopy of gaseous and solid species. In order to cover adequately all aspects, the school will last 2 weeks. Funds by the COST Action CM1401 and the CNRS Projet National PCMI have already been acquired and they amount to 27k€. We ask the financial support of 13,4k€ to complete the budget.

Soutien attribué en 2016 : 12 000 €