Workshop on the Application of Numerical Models in Avalanche Engineering

4-7 october 2015, Chamonix

Porteur du Projet : Emmanuel THIBERT

The purpose of this international three-day workshop is to facilitate the interaction of avalanche engineers with avalanche model specialists. The workshop will begin with presentations of existing numerical models, including new models for wet flowing avalanches and coupled dry-mixed powder avalanches. The presentations will stress practical applications. Most of the workshop time will be dedicated to discussing selected case studies that can be provided in advance by workshop participants. These can be well-documented historical avalanche events or actual case studies. Contributions from several countries are expected to cover various climatic regions. The examples will then be simulated using different avalanche dynamics software and the results discussed in an open forum. The discussions will allow engineers to present different methodologies to determine avalanche loadings in relation to the simulations.

Soutien attribué : 3 000 € en 2015

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