Gravity currents over complex terrain

Laboratoire(s)/équipe(s) du LabEx OSUG impliqué(e.s) : LEGI, LTHE
Porteur du Projet : Eletta Negretti

The modelling of gravity flows in mountain regions is a problem of growing concern in the management of air quality in urban areas. Under stable winter conditions bad air quality develops and pollutants are mainly trapped in cold pools, led by down-slope flows. A significant buoyancy jump can exist at the top of the cold pool, which acts as a barrier to vertical mixing. The shear turbulence is expected to smoothen the density profile via vertical mixing and plays so a crucial role in determining the final ambient conditions. While gravity flows have been studied mostly over flat or uniform sloping bottom, their dynamics and mixing processes remain unknown when considering complex terrain. We propose to combine laboratory experiments, numerical simulations, data assimilation and field measurements to deliver efficient tools for better managing air quality in mountain areas through an accurate study of gravity flows over complex terrain.

Montant accordé : 16 200 € en 2013

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