1st International Surface Working Group in Monterey, California | 19-20 July 2017

The workshop targets scientific users of satellite EO-data for the Earth’s surfaces.

The workshop will be designed to be inclusive of all surfaces, land, ocean and sea-ice. This workshop seeks to bring together scientists working on areas which are particularly poorly monitored by current satellite missions. To the CGMS, we will put forward recommendations on those surface properties where continuity in the monitoring is lacking a cooperative international advocate. Particular examples include satellite based estimation of soil moisture, snow, land surface temperature and surface water body extents This group will bring forward a continuity plan using existing systems and the ones planned which would fill this application gap in the future would be a primary effort to fall upon this group.

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After the conclusion of the meeting the actions and recommendations of this group will be prepared in a report and delivered to the WMO CGMS body.

Please confirm your interest and presence using this link and please send a title/abstract for your contribution (by April 14th, 2017) to the organising committee. Follow the instructions in the announcement PDF.

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